2013 Greenville Paracycling Open was awesome!! The level of professionalism and how smooth everything went was truly epic!  Yes this was my first event in this setting and have nothing else to compare it to...however many others shared this same sentiment.  Security was in my eyes doubled due to what happened at the Boston Marathon and it was apparent as you couldn't get on course without being stopped at least once maybe even twice depending on where you were going.  Yeah it was cool!

In the TT Race I did ok.  My power and cadence data was not being received by my computer and had to race based on feel, heart rate and speed.  Finished 7th in a very fast field of riders.  No matter what I'm stoked!

The road race was a bit different.  It was a run what ya bring kind of event. meaning it was a mixed class of female and male T1 & T2 racers and it was a non factored race.  So how you finished was how you finished. No factoring like the TT race had.  My biggest competition was the weather...and man it was cold...like in the 20s if you account for wind and race speed "chill."  Yeah the body starting shutting down and would only let me do so much.  To make a long story short I timed out...a.k.a. they have a time limit and I did not make the entire distance before time ran out.

I can tell you this I won't quite, the sheer thought of it burns my ass and puts a foul taste in my mouth.  You will have to pry my cold fingers off the bars before I'll stop! One of the racers had to actually abandon the race due to the frigid temps.  But you know what she started the race even though she was cold and in my book at least you attempted before abandoning the race.  Self preservation is vital to continuing to race healthy and consistent all season long.

Met a ton of cool, positive people and athletes while there and not to mention the cheerful crowds of people that were there to show their support.  Got stopped numerous times by people that were curious and that had tons of questions about what the trike I had was and the other bikes out on course.  Great questions and not once did I hear someone say they were sorry for asking a question.  We are all adults and never feel sorry for being curious...it's how we learn.

I could go on and on about everything that happened but i would be here all night.  I might just add to this as the weeks progress...so keep checking back from time to time.

Until next time!

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